Under Bridges

by "Calvin, don't jump!"

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recorded in anacortes, washington from august 2009 - march 2010 by nicholas wilbur at fontee fount.


released March 10, 2011

kirk pleasant - vocals, guitars, trombone, field recordings
nathan matthews - bass
lee-ann sheel - drums
shinobu hata - keyboard
ben goe - cello
brian horst (the noisettes) - digital samples



all rights reserved


"Calvin, don't jump!" Vancouver, British Columbia

head over to thepleasantmatthews.bandcamp.com to see the current project that Kirk is working on with Nathen Matthews, 'The Pleasant Matthews'. "Calvin, don't jump!" has been around a long time and these are a few of our releases.

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Track Name: wild winds/hammond tornados
'wild winds'

when the wild winds
come tearing over the ocean
and they find their way between you and me
who will scream loud enough
to be heard, the voices
of many ride some current
felling down all these ancient trees
we must stand up and be counted on
though some will lay their bodies down
rise tall great protectors
encircle earth with your graceful ease
remain forceful and elegant
tenderly unleashing a fever
so burning brightly with understanding

while the wind and smoke
may fill our veins with elements
some of the dreams will contain
glimpses of what's to be
powerful justice so indivisible
such clarity of grandparents
and children and everyone in between
all must lift up
and be held to count
for so many undeserving deeds
bring down the gavel loud
to rule and constitute the pardinable pleas
be rightous and merciful
the child will belong to us
gently receiving the merit of freedom.

'Hammond Tornados'

we gotta figure it out
i'm fixin' to make a big decision
turn it inside and out
look at every possible position
until the winter ends
i will just chill.

we're gonna signal a fire
burn everything between here and Hammond
a feeling filling with light
two tornados spinning for position
i feel the dizzy air
windmills will fill.
Track Name: ominous overcast
haven't seen the sun in many days
darkness fills up every place
under winterman above
craving cradles filled with love
a shadow spills under the door
see faces from before
some unkind and others sweet
when at last will we all meet?
when the blankets replace sheets
we will be warm
sheltered from the coming storm
undo all that once wasn't hued

i walk alone
late at night as i'm going home
a sterling calls into the sleep
a tiny wingspan slightly beats
then a voice ascends repeats
sending shivers to my knees
badly bruised and cut so sore
i just can't take it anymore
penetrating to the core
we will feel more
holding one to another lord
we are never along looking toward
the inner sword.
Track Name: ear wax
endless timer ticking bomb
set from ever up above
distant clouds are passing by
set a scene of one reply
as time goes by we drift and fly
up to the spot where angels hide

clean the wax out of your ears
make a life so crystal clear
find a spark to set the fire
burning inward ever brighter
taking it higher i'll be the lighter
side of this anger.
Track Name: butter churn
she goes skipping and dancing all over the house
there goes a mouse will she kill it?
hell no, her heart is too big

she starts laughing and singing with a jovial heir
in her underwear
will she tempt me?
you'd better believe it
i may come home angry and drunk all the time
in the summertime, but she doesn't mind
she just pours out the wine.

we will never complain over terrible news
just kick off our shoes, now
do we get the blues?
not in this lifetime my friend.

so settle me down in a comfortable seat
with a girl near my feet
will i lift her?
there's no other reason to live

let the kids learn
how the wheels turn
with a butter churn
while the house burns
make an ash urn.
Track Name: warm house
somewhere outside of this house filled with warm
there is a life that you're soon to explore
teeming with creatures adventures and more
your life awaits you amore.

understand now that the time has not come
you are still fragile and i am not done
fixing the problems that soon may arise
let me expose my disguise

i am now under a new heinous spell
that will consume me until i dwell
lonely and empty on some mountainside
filling me up to tide

wishing and hoping and praying some more
that you survive filled with love in the store
then when grace comes it will be God's reward
raising to joyous adore.
Track Name: untie knots
somewhere where i go
unfold a paper airplane cup
to drink the days where in between
my dreams are resting in the breezy breeze.

sometimes when i try and find
a tiny lock and key to keep
my dreams on waking all that magic
vanishes and seems released.

these things can be untied
there are many ways untried
let`s all get up and go outside to breathe
deep inside.

somehow when all hope is caught up
in my little needle clock
and resting is wayward watch
of every single painful knot.

these things can be untied
there are many ways untried
let`s all get up and go outside
to breathe deep inside.
Track Name: flamazine
watch out for sharp corners
don`t let me see you standing near the edge
you go away in timeless matters
a sojourn blind across the ledge
a star jet black rests on the horizon
axiatonal in it`s reach
wishing well in quiet corners
splashing coins selfishly into bed.

beware of ancient legends
they may not come true in the end
exasperated people follow
a fate that`s destined to descend
down hollow roads thats winding back again
into a chasm undefined
welling up from magma rising
and flowing down the paths of your mind.

yowch, the arm it feels a-burning
when the soup spills to the skin
take off that sleeve and prep the dressing
a likely blister weeps settle in
for a night at the ER, nurses doctors
rushing with flamazine
can a parent transfer to themselves the injury
no, it`s lessons in the nursery.
Track Name: weathering
these are mosquitoes in your ears
whispering sentences
no one wants to hear
blistery differences
cracked and peeling into the basement suite
neverending beneath the sweltering
this weathering...

faucets drip beneath the stove
it isn`t watery
scales enter in droves
weigh out the pale city
some don`t like it cold
to crave an icy sea
madness to the bone
always this weathering...

those sleep snores drift into this room
a pillow nasally
sounds desperate to remove
the phlegmy failures all come
pouring through the gloom
to wake the resting riders
charging fists all leathery
and able to withstand
this weathering...
Track Name: pleasant kids
alice is so beautiful to me
eyes as round and bright as they can be
staring out with love under the sun
thorough wonder of life has begun

and i know that she will grow to be
greater than me

he`s my love, his name is julian
new child in my image, only son
fearless as he looks for me to lead
suffer not my boy, i won`t recede

and i know that he will grow to be
greater than me
and i know that they will grow to be
greater than me.
Track Name: in mourning
in the morning
when i reach for you
when i am in mourning
will you be beside yourself with longing
ages pass without the knowledge
that we will meet there soon.

so after sorrow
in the noontime air
there should be singing
with all us creatures there
we will be near you
with a forever stare
straight through me to you.

reach toward forgiveness
in a fragile room
where carpet fragments
extend beneath the view
of captured planets
will we enslave them too
straight through me to you.
Track Name: palm sunday
lately palm sunday
has risen in front of my face
a style sweet believing in grace
to comfort and guide endlessly
in the spiralling breeze
please the quaking in me.

whales sounding out from the deepness below
hear a lover that cries to the bone
beconing to encircle
the murky uncertainty
likeness to breath
cause they know.

piles of debris adding up
thank the thankless for serving a cup
of a draught drained elated
to summon and circle
unloved ones and fill them
with murky and mythical entire beliefs
which they suck.

and lately palm sunday
has risen in front of my chest
a steady imploring to rest
to settle and slide in my brain
where i always remain
forever insane
forever to blame
forever in my cranium.